Eco-building for a greener future!

I have a passsion and curiosity for carpentry and appreciate old building methods. Huldra Bygg AB offers carpentry services in Norrbotten. My business idea is to renovade old buildings and maintain unused houses before nature takes them back. I renovate old but functional houses in a modern style, so that future generations can feel at home. It is important for me to preserve as much of the old architecture as possible, but make necessary adjustments from the perspective of sustainability and appearance. My work even includes new builds and fine woodworking in the old style. My furniture takes inspiration from nature and art.


Chriss is 28 years old and comes originally from America. She has been working in the building industry for 8 years with a broad range of construction including roofing, carpentry, manufacturing and machinery. She is proficient with Solidworks, Dietrichs and Sketchup, and applies her technical experience to construction work. Chriss speaks English, Swedish and German. She is currently in Germany learning about ecological building and old german building techniques.